Sunday, November 7, 2010

A wishlist of my own....

Paula Deen Cookware

I know a lot of us are starting to roll those gift ideas around our head. We have very long lists and some of us might already be stressing about how we are going to be able to afford to get something for all those people on our list. But,,, do any of us ever think of getting a gift for ourselves?

Probably not, especially not during these next two months when we have to think of others before we think of ourselves. But, I would like to make a little dream wish-list for myself. I know that there is no way that I am going to get anything on it but nothing wrong with dreaming, Maybe it can even be a work for it list.... meaning that I will work on my blog until I am able to either review this items or win a few giveaways containing them. 

So to start of my list is something very domesticated but that I have wanted for some time., It's a Paula Deen cookware set, I saw this in person at the mall one day on sale for $150 and I just had to drool and walk away. My kids are pretty hard on our dishes so fancy cookware is not something I would normally splurge on, but I really love this set., It is super high quality and gorgeous, I can even start off with the tea kettle and then add to it.

So this is my first item on my list... tomorrow I shall share a new one. 

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