Sunday, August 15, 2010

S.O.S. where is the Romance??

Okay so like I have stated before, I love my BF. He is a great guy, he is oh so patient and he is not bad to look at either, well at least to me. And that is very important in a relationship, you have to like and be attracted to your guy or it just won’t work. So I do like him and I think I am attracted, so what is it that is keeping the real romance away?

Actually I'm full of B.S. (among other things), I really am because I know exactly what it is that is keeping any kind of contact away. It’s my weight and the fact that I feel so uncomfortable with myself that I can’t let him touch me…. at least not often.

When I met him I was at my regular weight which was a bit higher than I had ever been but I was comfortable with it, I weighed about 150lbs and wore a size 12. So I certainly wasn’t skinny but I looked great, wore clothes I loved and that looked good on me and I felt pretty hot most of the time.

Fast forward to 4 ½ years later… I weigh as much as he does, 185 lbs!!

Now I wear a size 15 and have an extra person living in the middle of my stomach… I think it might be a twin that wasn’t born all the way but stayed stuck to my mid section instead. So this twin/roll is always there kid of lurking behind my tops and over my pants but the worst thing of all, even worse than the big arms and big tummy is the face. I have two chins now and sometimes when I make a certain face I even have three of them! It’s like my original chin decided to invite friends over for dinner and they don’t want to leave.

So what do I do to make this situation better and to get back to being my old happy and confident self? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all, because I must be some kind of masochist or something and I must enjoy living like a bloated doll that can never wear cute clothes or feel nice next to her man… somebody please slap some sense into me or just slap me for reals… maybe that will wake me the hell up!

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  6. Honey! I can totally empathize with you, After having four children and YES I kept the baby phat!I have spurts when I feel down and not so confident. I try to get pampered once a month but, it doesn't always work out that way! I suck at exercising but, I'm going to do kickboxing & Yoga next month. We'll see how long that lasts.

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  7. I feel you on the weight issue, and have tried to lose it, but just get too tired to keep going. Good luck with your journey.
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  11. I have been and sometimes still am where you are at! When I got married I weighted 175, I looked good, and felt good. After I had my daughter, I kinda got side tracked, and ballooned up to 235. I am now almost back to 200, and I actually feel pretty good! What did I do, well, it wasn't exercising, though I should be doing that! I cut out sodas, dessert and candy, and anything that was processed (frozen meals, cookies, chips, etc) If it wasn't a fruit, veggie, or made by me, it didn't belong in my house! After a month of doing this, I lost 15lbs! It seemed so easy!!! Oh, and the other key, I ate smaller portions too. It really helps to realize when you are satisfied, and stop there, not wait till you are full. Hope this helps! Hang in there. Talk to your guy, ask him how he feels about your size, surprisingly, some guys don't mind a bit. It might surprise you! If he does mind, ask him to help you, maybe work out together a couple times a week, that also helps!
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