Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amazing Giveaways Round the Blog-Sphere.

Holiday Gifts

So the other night as I sat here worrying about the holiday budget I realized that there are so many giveaways right now that one thing I could do was enter as many as I could in order to win some gifts for the kids. I began to look around and OMG.... there are some AMAZING giveaways right now.

I didn't just find toys but I also found computers, Flip Cameras, Shoes, Handbags, Clothes.. even money. And of course lot's of CSN giveaways' which are the best because with those you can pick whatever you want to buy. I have entered at least 6 so far and have many more to go.

The bloggers have really come up with the absolute best of everything for this month. Right now I have about 20 pages open of giveaways that I found that I need to enter. During the day today I have entered at least 5 and already found a few more linkys with some even more amazing giveaways. 

So now it seems that what I need is time... more time to enter all these and to be able to follow up on them. Most giveaways that I have won in the past have been wins for my daily tweets so I have my little word document going and have all the tweets noted plus how many times to send them per day. My poor followers are porbably going to hate me but this is what giveaways are all about and I hope to win at least a few. With all the time that I am investing into the entries I better get some results!! LOL.

What about you? Have you won anything lately or what would you love to win?


  1. Following you from the Psychedelic Sunday blog hop. Have a great week ahead!

  2. if you are looking for giveaways come check out my blog!

    Stopping by and following from Mingle Monday! Hope you can come and follow back. This week is my green holiday giveaway event so there are tons of ecofriendly giveaways to enter! Have a great week!



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