Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stressing To The Oldies...

We spent the day at the mall today doing some shopping plus checking out the sales and I can tell you that I am beginning to stress about the holiday shopping. I have my girls, my 3 grandkids and my 4 nephews to buy for. Luckily my mom has been taken care of us a got a Slanket to review on my other blog and that will be her gift. Also BF will be getting a BRUGO mug and that is all. 

Everyone else though!! Too many.... I totally hate that the economy has played such a large part in our finances. My sites are only pulling in about $80 per month when they used to make at least $300 two years ago. Then to top it all off I just got the electric bill and for some strange reason it is about $25 more than usual and of course it's the one due next month.... so instead of having small bills so that I can have a larger budget for my gifts I am starting to get bigger bills.

So I am thinking.... thinking... and all I can think of is to send a huge batch of pitches to all and any companies that I can find for toys for the kids and either clothes or makeup for the girls. The more items I can get to review the less items I have to buy and it will allow me more breathing room.

I love the holidays and I have always tried to make them special for my kids... and I hate feeling such a pinch for cash. Still I will do my best and I will now go and write up the most fantastic pitch letter there ever was and begin to send it out.

And I will totally update my progress here. Feel free to comment and let me know how you are handling the holiday stress.
Have a great night!!

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