Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Time For My Blog.

My poor neglected blog has sat here for months, waiting for me to come back. A few times I went to delete it but I just could not do it. I started this blog for myself, to have a place to write down my thoughts and write about things that I really love. Like my books, my little girl and maybe BF. But with so much going on in life...problems with my girls, my mom got really sick and then my grand daughter had to start seeing a specialist for her hip and right after that I found out one of my girls was almost 7 months pregnant. All in the space of about 6 months...pretty crazy and it completely threw me off what I was doing and I barely had enough time to take care of my ad sites plus the families main blog. But there was no time for this one. But now I am going to make that time, I plan on getting a domain name and redo the design just a bit and then really make the time to post for myself. I mean there is a lot of stuff going on and a lot of stuff going through my head. So many things that I sometimes feel the need to let it all out, but I never realized during that time that this is the place where I can do that because this is my spot after all. So I know I have been away, but I am back dear little blog.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Birthday Post

So today is my birthday and one of the most important people in my life is not here, my boyfriend. Really, now that I think about it, this has not been my year. For Valentines he was also not here and now for my birthday either, we have been together almost six years now and he had always been with me on those special days so it's a bit of a bummer. Not that we would be doing much of anything even if he was here, because I am not a big birthday celebrator. I don't like a big deal made out of it and if at all possible I never even mention it to others, my kids and family know and for me that is enough, but I do enjoy having them around me at know?

So anyways, I logged in first thing this morning expecting an email from him and there was nothing. Nada...and it wasn't until after 11:00 that he did actually write. Four little sentences is what he wrote and it kind of made me mad. He could have at least written a bit more, and told me I love you. Men are kind of lame really, he always tells me that he doesn't always say it because I already know he does. But how am I supposed to know if he never says it?? Really it makes no sense to me, all I know is that he is going to owe me a nice gift when he gets back...