Monday, November 15, 2010

When the EX Finds Your Blog ~!

As I have noted before I have a blog with my girls where we do reviews and giveaways, and this blog was supposed to be my private and personal blog just for me. I wanted it to be a place where I could write about other things than being a mom, maybe a bit about my BF and I and other personal stuff.

Anything that had to do with my kids or grandkids was going to be on the other blog BUT unfortunately it has been compromised. By this I mean that my girls dad, my ex husband and his wife and kids have now found out about our blog and are now avidly keeping an eye on it. Why?? Who the hell knows... I would think that they would have millions of other things to do with their spare time other than to read about us. 

It is precisely why we had started the blog using a borrowed name of Bravo which is actually my BF's last name, but somehow or other they found us and sure enough when checking my analytics I find that I have 5 readers in Oceanside! So they are not just checking the blog from one IP but from 5 of them. 

It bugs me because it's none of their beezwax you know? I certainly never try to keep up with them and when the girls go and see him I never even ask anything. Why?? Cause I could care less, and now to know that every single word that I write can be read by them is annoying an I guess all I can do is make that blog the best that I can and really show off all the goodies we get, though they will just chalk that up to me being a bum freeloader ( see already I know how they think because these are the kind of things they like to say) but oh, well right?

The good thing is that when I started this blog I made a whole new gmail, twitter and FB. So that I would be able to follow people back that followed me, and now hopefully that means that this blog will stay safe from their prying eyes. And now since I plan on being here alot more then I need to spruce it up and add a few things to make it more me.

Look for some changes soon, and don't forget to comment so I can follow you back!

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  1. Sorry for you trouble, but I do believe you can block certain people from your blog, at least you can block the ip address. You might check into that if you know it is for sure them.


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