Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My name is Maria and I have 5 daughters who are the center of my life, which is pretty much concentrated on taking care of them and working online 14 hours per day. I have two blogs that I work on with my 5 girls but I realized that I wanted one of my own where I would be able to share things and write things that I can't have them reading or that are too mature for them to understand. This blog is my baby and the place where I will be able to live apart from them for just a little while. 

This is also where I can talk about my BF and about what we go through, we have been together almost 5 years and though sometimes we may get in an argument about this or that we stick through it in the end. He's been my rock when I needed one and he's been my friend when I had to leave my hometown and all my friends and family behind. We've gone through a lot of lows and are looking forward to the highs one day. 

This blog is about him and I and the love we share and how even with 5 kids, 3 grandkids AND a grandmother living with us, we can still have a love affair with each other..... even if it always has to be after dark.

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